My first week (ever) as an intern


You know you’ve found the right internship when people ask if you would like them to bring you coffee.

Jokes aside, my first impression of Benedict Inn was that of a place abounding with hospitality. On my first day, my slight nerves were immediately calmed by the warm welcome I received. Everyone I met at Benedict Inn (and Our Lady of Grace) greeted me with a smile and genuine interest. The generosity of the women follows true to the teaching of St. Benedict: I am invited to attend prayer and Mass whenever I like, and to stay each day for lunch with the sisters. I can truly sense their commitment to serving others, something that is very close to my own heart.

I originally sought this internship with Benedict Inn for several reasons. First, I have an immediate, and significant, connection with the community, as I attended a Benedictine high school. Second, I have developed a growing interest in working in the non-profit sector. My whole life I have loved volunteering, and upon consideration I decided to explore a path that allows the same opportunities to serve others. At Benedict Inn, I see a staff that strives to better the lives of everyone that comes into contact with the center, and I am glad to now be a part of that.

After one week, I am even more excited for the new experiences to come.


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