Tweets, Psalms and the Superbowl

After my second week working with the wonderful staff at Benedict Inn, I feel that I am getting into the rhythm.

One aspect of this internship that I have spent time reflecting upon this week is the diverse experiences it offers me. This is something I noticed both in my work and in the relationships I’m building.

At the beginning of this week I spent much of my time preparing mailers to be sent out about upcoming programs. These are information pamphlets and fliers that let people know about the great events hosted at Benedict Inn. Although many people joke about the dullness of attaching address labels, I actually do feel proud that I am helping spread the word about programs I believe have value. (The same goes for my daily Facebook and Twitter updates.) And yet, one benefit of this internship is that I work wherever I am needed, and so I have begun working with book inventory in the gift shop as well. Not only does this provide a variety in my tasks, but exposes me to another of the Inn’s services.

As I said earlier, I have also enjoyed the diversity of my interpersonal experiences at Benedict Inn and Our Lady of Grace. At morning prayer, I get to connect with others through a shared spiritual experience. (This morning’s service was particularly beneficial, as my day had not begun well and I was harboring some frustration. During the Communion service I was reminded by the readings of all I have to be thankful for!) However, at the end of each day I was also afforded the social experiences of joining the sisters for lunch. This week all the talk has been, of course, about the Superbowl, with a more or less general consensus that the Giants should win.

So, I feel very comfortable in such a kind environment; and, wonderfully, I feel that my small contributions are genuinely appreciated. It’s so encouraging to have many of the sisters come up to me and tell me that they are glad I am with them.


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