This week I’ve gotten pretty interested in one of our current projects at Benedict Inn. The Inn has sponsored an annual retreat for caregivers for the past six years. The retreat is open to caregivers of all kinds: medical staff, social workers, chaplains, hospice workers, and very importantly, family and friends. It is designed to treat caregivers to time to take care of themselves, and to learn how to manage their important roles.

For this project, I have not only been helping with the save-the-date cards that will be sent out, but with some of the actual event planning. I took time to research addresses for hospitals, nursing schools, social workers, physical therapists, church groups, and others, so that we can invite as many people as possible. I also got to go through a file and organize information about the speakers and topics discussed at the retreat.

Even though my role is small and behind the scenes, I appreciate the greater impact of the work that goes into planning this event. This isn’t a project that just takes time, but rather one that also attracts people’s passionate interest. For anyone who has been a caregiver or been a witness to caregiving, the appreciation and support offered by this retreat is wonderful. I have developed such an interest in this project and am excited to see it realized. This type of work makes me very grateful to be a part of Benedict Inn’s services.


One thought on “Caregiving

  1. Laura, I so love the caregivers retreat at Benedict Inn , one of my favorite events there. So looking forward to details.

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