Season of Change

One of my favorite aspects about this time of year is the changing of seasons, and this week at Benedict Inn we have been in a state of transition.

Just like any other store, Shop InnSpired must change out its decorations and products for each holiday. The many hearts and red garlands that graced the displays are now being replaced by strings of shamrocks and leprechauns. However, you might imagine my surprise when I unwrapped some “beer goggles” and a few shot glasses to add to our inventory. It was not what I was expecting to find at Benedict Inn! Yet, we always joke that you never know what you’re going to find in our gift shop…there are so many great surprises amongst our collection of hand-made items and assorted knickknacks. Many people love St. Patrick’s Day because it is such a fun holiday, and I think everyone appreciate this when they come into our shop! We’re definitely transitioning out of the dreary days of winter into the fresh days of spring.

St. Patrick’s Day (in both its religious and secular manifestations) and the return of spring aren’t the only events we have been preparing for. This Wednesday marked the beginning of the Lenten season. The sisters at Our Lady of Grace have their own communal and private practices during the Lenten season, but some also bring their work to Benedict Inn. Two of the sisters are leading programs: one is a four-session program called “Lenten Journey,” whose Ash Wednesday session was a success. (It was one of my tasks to summarize the evaluations.) The other is an event hosted with Fatima Retreat House about hospitality during Lent. It’s great to see the special passion everyone at OLG and BI has for supporting and serving others at this time of year.

Usually I have a hard time with change, but I have to admit that these transitions have me reflective and excited.

And just to prove that working at Benedict Inn is full of pleasant surprises, I ran into a former classmate from high school today, as he is leading a Kairos retreat from IU. What a small world!


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