Women Helping Women


Last night, it all came together.

For months, Benedict Inn has been planning Girls Night Out, a new event for the organization. Our wonderful & ingenious marketing coordinator took over most of the planning when duty called, and has seen it through to the end; and what a great end it was!

Last night, 33 women (by my final count) came to Benedict Inn for an evening of special time with their girl friends. The women were offered mini-manicures, massages, t’ai chi, card making, jewelry making, vendors to shop from, and, of course, a delicious dessert bar. Then, to top it all off, all the vendors donated door prizes for us to give away. It was a fantastic evening, and some women even decided to stay overnight and make it a “slumber party!”

However, what I love most about Girls Night Out is that it didn’t just benefit the women who came, but other women and their families as well. Part of the proceeds from last night’s event will be donated to The Julian Center in Indianapolis to support those affected by domestic violence.

Working on Girls Night Out has further shown me the grace of Benedict Inn, and people, in two ways. First, I have seen how much passion someone can bring to planning an event such as this. I know how exhausting, and sometimes frustrating, the process has been for our marketing coordinator, but I can honestly say that I have never seen someone so committed to making sure everything came out so perfectly. I have, and everyone at BI has, such a great appreciation for all the hours and dollars she spent to pull off this program. Second, I am even more convinced of the important role that the Inn has in the local community. I think it is so cool that we can host an event that serves both the women who attend and the greater community at the same time. Last night I was able to see the smiles and hear the laughter of the attendees, but I can also imagine the effects the donations will have for the families aided by The Julian Center.

What’s next for us? Well, of course we have plenty of more events & programs coming up, but we also hope to bring back Girls Night Out bigger & better next year!

For more information on The Julian Center and its services, please feel free to visit their website: http://www.juliancenter.org/


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