Spring was definitely in the air at Benedict Inn this week. We made a quick transition from the success of Girls Night Out to setting up for our Spring mega-sale, which was held today.

The Spring Open House sale offers not only our usual hand-crafted merchandise and books found at Shop Innspired, but rooms full of discounted items as well. Most of this week was spent carefully laying out our inventory for customers to view.

Or should I call them “guests?” That’s how we refer to nearly everyone that comes into Benedict Inn. Today we were visited by two separate church groups in addition to members of the local community, and what I think sets them apart as “guests” rather than “customers” in the experience shared at Benedict Inn. Everyone who makes a purchase at our seasonal sales, or any day at the gift shop, knows that their monetary contribution is supporting a good cause, namely Our Lady of Grace and its corporate ministries. Those who work with the items for sale, including those who make, donate and even ring them up at the cashier like myself, know that the purchase is important to the guest. Whether they are buying a good book for themselves to enjoy, or a gift for a loved one, everyone has a purpose behind their purchase.

I guess you could say that working in Shop Innspired is a different sort of retail experience, one that I think provides a deeper satisfaction than just in the material.


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