Slightly Off Topic…

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Last night I was honored at a banquet, along with a group of my peers, to be named among the top 100 students at Butler University. The Top 100 program focuses on leadership and service, both within and outside of our academic careers. After learning more about my fellow honorees, I have a pretty good picture of what it takes to be part of the Top 100. Some characteristics that all these accomplished students share are dedication, humble ambition, a desire to serve others and to create more good in the world, and the initiative to reach their goals and to help others reach theirs as well.

So what has made me a Butler Top 100 student? I can’t take all – or even most of – the credit myself.

I firmly believe that most of who I am comes from those I surround myself with, and the experiences I have had. I have learned so many lessons from others in my lifetime that I owe them many thanks for helping to shape who I am. My family and friends have taught me to really, truly, care about others. I have found that when you love someone, you wish the best for them and you are so willing to help them achieve. However, I can also say that one of the lessons I’ve learned through these same family and friends is that a desire to help others doesn’t stop there – when you develop a caring heart, you care for all others, even strangers, even people you will never meet. And here is where I believe is the greatest opportunity to develop your character.

Serving others is something I hope to be dedicated to. I hope this is where I can show my ambition and my determination. This past year, I have learned much about leadership, generosity and love. I have been lucky enough to travel to Honduras on a mission trip, to serve as VP of Service in my chapter of Circle K International, and to be an intern with Benedict Inn through the Center for Faith and Vocation. Receiving this recognition has been an honor and a blessing, and hopefully an indication that I am paying forward what I have received.


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