The Center for Faith and Vocation


Last night was the annual dinner to honor the Center for Faith and Vocation on Butler’s campus. Each year, staff, faculty, students and members of the community gather together to celebrate this incredible program. There is good food, a great speaker and excellent conversation.

I had a chance to talk with several friends, including the priest for the Butler Catholic Community. However, I also got to meet many new people who have had an impact on the Center, whether through their financial support, their advocacy or their volunteer roles. I was so glad to hear that so many people feel passionately about the mission of the CFV.

For me, the Center for Faith and Vocation has been extremely important this past academic year. (I regret that I had such little interaction with its team before!) It was last August that I paid my first visit to the CFV. I had received an email with internship opportunities, and my interest was sparked by one at a Benedictine monastery. I knew I wouldn’t be able to complete the internship in the fall, but I was curious to know whether it would be offered in the sping. Well, of course you know how that story ends…right here with my internship at Benedict Inn & this blog!

However, the CFV has done so much more for me than placing me with an internship. I have had meaningful and honest conversations about where I am in my life, and where I might go from here. I have found it so easy to talk about my passions and my goals, and to see how these might be discerned into my future life, through a career and other areas. Many times I think out loud, and through my conversations I can better sort out my ideas, and can often get great advice too! It was here that I first discovered, after some prompting by the Center’s director, why service has been so close to my heart, and how and why I might translate this into a career in non-profit. I have also gained a deeper understanding of my faith and values, and have learned to better appreciate those in my day to day work.

We are so fortunate to have a place at Butler that can help us integrate our faiths, passions and talents into our lives. I look forward to returning for this dinner in the future, and to continuing my relationship with the Center for Faith and Vocation.


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