Brain Gain

TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2012

This week, I begin my new internship.


Well, while I am still interning at Benedict Inn throughout this summer for Butler’s CFV, I am doing so in conjunction with another wonderful program funded by Lilly, the Brain Gain Program. This program promotes the culture and opportunities of Indianapolis and Indiana in order to prevent the “brain drain” from the state. The idea is to show what one would miss were one to ditch Indiana for another region upon graduation. I applied for this program because I am already very interested in becoming an adopted Hoosier, because I wanted to be able to explore Indianapolis this summer, and because I wanted to stay with my internship at Benedict Inn (I can’t bear to give it up just yet!)

On Sunday evening I moved into a university apartment with three new roommates, all of whom are participants in the Brain Gain Program. In fact, my one roommate is also an intern with the CFV, working with communications for the United Methodist Church in Indiana. I am definitely looking forward to learning about her internship experience, as well as hearing about the internships my other roommates are completing.

So how does my summer internship look at Benedict Inn? As usual, a mix of familiar and unfamiliar, old and new. As I will be able to work more hours, I will continue to work with the marketing coordinator but will work on other projects as well. One new area I will be gaining knowledge about is the Spiritual Direction office, where I anticipate researching articles on the topic (and learning a lot myself!)

I am very excited to get to know my fellow participants, to attend special events around the Indianapolis area, to have time to explore my new city, and, of course, to continue to intern at Benedict Inn!


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