Work-Study: Things Learned & Things to Study

MONDAY, MAY 21, 2012

This week brings exciting updates from my work at Benedict Inn!

First, I have a link to the page I completed for the website. It is a “wish list,” encouraging people to contribute their time and/or talent. As we continue planning the programming for 2013, we are always interested in finding new people who desire to lead workshops or special events at the Inn. On this page, we also explain some of our intended renovations, designed to improve the experiences of the groups that come through. Together with the administrator and facilities director, we have brainstormed several items that would be much appreciated by the ministry, and those we serve. As promised, I have a link to this page to show off my first web design project. Feel free to explore: I have updated some of the program information, and so will shamelessly plug this as well!

Second, I am extremely pleased with the newest project I have taken on with the director of spirituality. I will be helping organize the materials for the Spiritual Direction Internship program that is run through Benedict Inn. This four-semester program trains spiritual directors, and offers credit through Marian University and Christian Theological Seminary. I value this experience as a way to learn more about the internship, and about spiritual direction in general (I’ve been given Holy Listening: The Art of Spiritual Direction to read as an introduction.) My first order of business is to ensure that we have the proper number of articles on file for student use. The best part of this has been that I am encouraged to peruse any article that might catch my eye – as long as I return it to its proper place, of course! I already know I will return to some of the articles on St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross, as I read some of their works in a class on Spanish literature and culture. What an interesting way to connect my academic experience with what I can learn about spiritual direction!


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