When Internships Collide


This summer I am blessed to have a wonderful roommate, who coincidentally is also completing an internship with Butler’s Center for Faith & Vocation. She is working in the Communications office of the Indiana United Methodist Church (it sounds fancy, and it is!) We often share about our experiences, including the common tasks we are charged with, such as social media and networking, but also how our faiths are connected to and affected by our internships. I really value having her to talk with, as she is understanding, curious and really bright.

I am always interested in the work she is doing with the church (not the least because I grew up attending a Methodist church part-time), but this week has been particularly special. Today begins the annual conference for the church in Indiana, and she has been working very hard helping to organize everything. We celebrated this morning by kicking-off with a 5K walk/run sponsored by the UMC along the downtown canal path. It was a beautiful morning, and benefited a great cause – the extermination of malaria in Africa.

As if this weren’t exciting enough, I was thrilled to find out that we had a guest at the Inn who is a pastor with the UMC and would be attending the conference. I got to know him some over lunch a few days this week, and was glad to connect with him in some way. I also find it so cool that my internship & my roommate’s internship have collided this week.

Even when our internships don’t have such literal connections, I still appreciate what our experiences have in common, but also the ways in which they differ. It is so valuable being able to share views, and come to a better understanding of another’s, with mutual respect and interest. I can’t wait to see how we each develop throughout the remainder of this summer’s internship experiences.


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