Helpful Hobbies

MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2012

Recently, I went with our administrator next door to St. Paul Hermitage, a residential home for the elderly and one of the ministries of Our Lady of Grace, for a meeting with the activities director. We wanted to talk with her about a scrapbooking program we are considering organizing for 2013.

While this woman has worked as an event planner, and loves working with the residents at the Hermitage, she also has a passion for scrapbooking. She owns a business in Beech Grove, and enjoys many excited visits from her regular customers and friends. During our meeting, she explained to us a bit more about why scrapbooking is so close to her heart. First, she feels that it is important that people be able to record their memories for future generations, in a creative and time-lasting way. However, what she really loves about her scrapbooking business is being able to share joy with people. When she demonstrates a new idea, or someone completes a project at one of her events, she has shared something special with them, and brought them a little bit of happiness.

Getting slightly side-tracked in our meeting, we all agreed that even outside of the normal jobs we perform, as activity directors, administrators or interns, we have hobbies that we can use to help others, even if in little ways. While our administrator puts everything together at Benedict Inn – something wonderful in itself, and no easy task! – she also enjoys pottery. She attends pottery classes with friends, meets new people, shares her interests, and creates pieces of art that can be given away. In all this, she can spread happiness too. When I thought about a personal hobby of my own, I didn’t think of anything creative right away, but rather thought about running. I love running, but sometimes it can seem to be a selfish hobby, something only for my own enjoyment. However, when I think about all the good experiences I’ve had running with friends, and especially with my boyfriend, I value this as a way to spend time with other people. I also try to benefit others through participating in races that help a cause, such as the run/walk held June 7th here in Indianapolis, sponsored by the United Methodist Church, whose funds will go to combating malaria.

Needless to say, this meeting gave me more to think about than just our programming (although we threw around some great ideas!) Everyone has hobbies that are dear to them, that allow them to makes unique connections with others. Some of these talents are incorporated into careers, and others remain helpful hobbies.


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