The monastery of the Sisters of St. Benedict in Ferdinand, IN. This community sponsored the sisters who later established the independent house in Beech Grove.

TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2012

It has to be said, one of the perks of scheduling a part-time internship Monday-Wednesday is that I get four-day weekends. I used this past long weekend to enjoy my time off with my boyfriend and his family in Dubois County. I had a wonderful visit, not the least because I found some unexpected connections (when I say “It’s a small world,” I really should say, “Indiana is a small world.”)

Ever since the sisters at Our Lady of Grace and Benedict Inn found out about my connections to this area in southern Indiana, they have encouraged me to visit the Benedictine sisters at Ferdinand, which is just about 10 miles from my boyfriend’s house. This past Friday, I finally had my opportunity. After attending morning Mass at the local parish, my boyfriend’s mother offered to take me to the monastery. She herself has spent a great deal of time there, visiting relatives that were members of the community, and was happy to show it to me.

The monastery itself is gorgeous. The architecture from the 19th century, which has been carefully maintained and restored, is stunning. I was awed by the Italian marble and German woodworking inside the chapel. Everything I saw on the tour was intriguing. However, most of all, I loved the feeling I had knowing I have connections. I told everyone I met that I am an intern in Beech Grove, and asked if we had common acquaintances. I proudly pointed out the images of Benedictine saints on the walls. I was even curious enough to peek into a morning praise book to see if the hymns were same (they’re not, but they are lovely still!)

Although our visit wasn’t a long one, I came away satisfied, feeling I had completed my quest. Since returning this week, I have been excitedly discussing my trip with the sisters at Our Lady of Grace. As for my next visit to the area, I’m commissioned to see St. Meinrad and expand my Benedictine world further…


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