Community Retreat – Day Two

TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2012

“I am with you. I love you. Trust me.” These are the three things that God wants us to know, as stated by Abbott Jerome Kodell this morning. These are great words of comfort, especially in a life that can be difficult…but how does God let us know?

Well, he gives us signs along the journey. Sometimes we act on our own intuition, sometimes we believe that we know what we’re doing, and sometimes, often to our surprise, God reminds us that He’s the one helping us along the way. In the Bible, we read examples, such as incredible, swirling clouds with fire, or brilliant stars that seem to travel. Well, ok. These aren’t things most people see just any old day of the week.

So, what signs does God use? Abbott Jerome told a story of a man who had difficulty discerning his vocation, but when he joined a community found out the name he had chosen upon entering had significance in his family. This was a sign that God had been with him all along, although the road had been tough; a sign that seems like a small miracle, without the freaky environmental displays.

I reflected upon the ways that God reveals himself to me in my journey. Although there are many places that I find God, I chose today to think about God revealed through other people. How many times has God sent just the right person to you when you needed it most, when you needed to hear God’s voice or see God’s smile tangibly? Can you feel God’s love in your love with others? I do, with my family, my boyfriend, my friends…

And I’m sure this sentiment is something that is appreciated in the Community during this time of retreat. Their lives are interwoven together, and they share a deep love of God that connects them. Surely God sends signs to these women through one another. Although not every moment is harmonious, it definitely creates a unique bond among the sisters, such as those who are co-workers at the Benedict Inn, and I am glad to be a witness to this.


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