Community Retreat – Day Three


Today was my last day with the community’s retreat. Once again, it was so nice to see the chapel full of people eager to worship and learn.

Our talk this morning was about prayer. Abbott Jerome pointed out that there are many tools that help us know God, but spending personal time with Him in prayer is what truly guides us through the wilderness. He spoke mostly about prayer as supplication – when we ask God for things we need or want. Luckily for us, who live in a world of distractions, it’s not the clarity of our focus, but the intensity of our desire.

It should be obvious to any visitors, and not just interns, that prayer is extremely important to monastic life at Our Lady of Grace. After all, it is a central part of Benedictine life. The community prays daily for their needs, and for the blessings on their ministries. At Benedict Inn, a place that offers many of those other tools to help guide people along their spiritual journey (including learning opportunities, fellowship gatherings and spiritual directions), guests are also exposed to an environment of contemplation and prayer. The facilities provide a place away for those on retreat to spend their personal time with God.

Although I am sad to end my time with the Community Retreat, I am thankful for the new perspectives and knowledge I have been exposed to. Who knows, maybe I will be able to attend a full retreat someday…


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