Paging Dr. Holland

SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2012

This past Friday I accompanied my younger brother to Purdue University for a visit day, but was afforded some insight of my own. During one of the sessions designed for the families of prospective students, we discussed Dr. Holland’s six codes, which are often used to match personality types and vocations. The six types are described as being Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional.

After a brief survey, I found myself identifying mostly with the Social and Artistic areas. Social people are typically cooperative, helpful, friendly and outgoing. Artistic people are creative, original, independent and inventive. It was mentioned that all areas need Artistic people and their creativity and ingenuity…. It would then be nice to think of myself as a Social person with the ability to think outside the box.

This got me thinking about my current experience with my internship at Benedict Inn, as well as my prospective career path. Am I able to fully express and utilize my personality traits at Benedict Inn? Certainly, it is a social environment. All staff members, myself included, try to make themselves available and helpful to guests at all times. Indeed, amongst the staff we work in a social environment; no one could work in the office without cooperating with one another.

For example, once a program is planned, the facilities manager must be contacted to procure a date, time and location. Once this is settled, our marketing coordinator then creates a pamphlet to advertise it, which needs to be proofed by multiple people before being sent to print. Our secretary is then in charge of organizing and printing the address labels, which I often attach to the pamphlets before they are mailed out. Finally, the day of each program requires the cooperation and interaction of all staff members at Benedict Inn, from the program director and the administrator, to the housekeeper and the cook.

The entire basis of most not-for-profit organizations and businesses is to provide services for others. Such a Social career allows people to work with one another to teach, serve and support others through all different types of interaction. From my experiences as a volunteer, and as an intern with Benedict Inn, I believe that I am on the right path to the vocation that will best match me and my personality and values; and, thanks to my visit to Purdue, I have been able to reflect on this in a new way.


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