It’s Not the End But I’m Saying Thank You Anyway


Sitting in front of me on this quiet morning at Starbucks, I have a venti mocha and a stack of thank you notes. In the next week, I will complete my internship with Benedict Inn and this giant chocolate-y treat is supposed to help me put my enormous gratitude into words.

To be honest, this final week has truly crept up on me. At the Inn we’ve been busy ordering and stocking new merchandise for Shop Inn-Spired, preparing the office for the incoming Director of Programming, and marketing the upcoming fall programs. Although the days have been flying by, I hadn’t realized just how fast until this past Thursday when the Administrator and the Marketing Coordinator took me out for a “thank you” lunch.

How lucky am I? I’m the one thanking them for everything they have taught me. I have learned a lot about serving others through a non-profit business; I’ve learned that it’s hard work, that it’s not usually what you expect, and that it can be so rewarding. I’ve learned about putting others first, about identifying their needs and meeting them as best as possible, and about a better version of “customer service” than the general public receives. I’ve learned how to communicate with others, through ever-expanding social media, through marketing and advertising opportunities, through humble requests for assistance, and through personal relationships.

So, this morning I am attempting to express these feelings of gratitude to the staff that have become my friends. I am also thanking all the Sisters of St. Benedict for welcoming me, for helping me grow on my spiritual journey, and for helping me realize the entire objective of this internship: to explore what my vocation may be through allowing me to combine my faith & values with a chance discern my calling.

Of course, my journey doesn’t end here. My relationship with this community and its ministries will continue. I plan on volunteering with Benedict Inn in the future (I’m already excited to help with Angels of Grace in September!) As well, I cherish the relationship I’ve built with the Center for Faith and Vocation at Butler, which has been an integral part of this experience, and would like to stay involved there too. And, of course, I’ll be graduating in December and beginning a new, but equally exciting, stage of my life.

One more big thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout my internship: the community at Our Lady of Grace, the staff at Benedict Inn, everyone at the CFV, and my family & friends. My experience wouldn’t have been the same without your involvement.