My (Unusual) Birthday Blessings

God gave me a number of wonderful gifts for my birthday: love from my family, the opportunity to spend time with my boyfriend and roommate, and a gorgeous day. However, He also taught me a lesson. Actually, two lessons, to be exact.

Lesson #1: Networking Can Happen Anywhere (as told by BU’s Internship & Career Services)

Yesterday I got up early to go to Mass with my boyfriend at our parish, Immaculate Heart of Mary. We sat in the pew we usually take during that service, in front of two women with whom we like to chat. In our greetings, I was asked whether I had a job lined up yet for after graduation in December. As anyone who’s hunted for a job (read: almost everyone) knows, it’s not easy to always have to say, “No, I’m still looking, though.” This mantra can be discouraging. To my surprise, however, rather than just politely wishing me luck, my acquaintance was quick to offer her assistance and connections. By the time I left after Mass, we had exchanged cards and she had made another introduction. I now hope to speak with veterans of the not-for-profit network to learn more about the organizations that serve the Indianapolis community. Which leads me to….

Lesson #2: God Provides (as told by Scripture)

I don’t think it could have been a coincidence that two of the day’s readings told the stories of widows who gave of themselves despite having so little, trusting that God would provide for them. Without the promise of a job at this moment, I’ve worried what my life will be like upon graduation. Yet, hasn’t God always provided for me? Hasn’t He allowed me to attend excellent schools, offered me great academic and practical experiences, and given me a supportive network?

“And it’s all because we went to 8:00 Mass,” said my boyfriend as I overflowed with gratitude for the generosity of others.


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