What’s On Your 2013 Calendar?

While this may be an unpopular opinion, I do not buy into the importance of the “New Year.”

To me, there is nothing so important about January 1st. The seasons of our lives are not ruled by the calendar year. Time continually moves forward, whether we choose to mark it or not.

I also do not believe in resolutions for the new year. If there is a goal I want to achieve, a project I want to tackle, or a change I want to make in my life, I won’t wait until the “New Year.” It seems superstitious to think that beginning something at the new year will automatically make it fortuitous or successful.

However, that said, I can appreciate the events in life that mark our experiences. For instance, near the end of 2012 I graduated college and earned my B.A. degree. Now, in 2013, I will continue my job search and possibly begin down my career path. I will go back to Honduras on my second mission trip and visit old friends. I will train to become a coach with Girls on the Run. I’m going to continue as Vice President of Service for Circle K International at Butler, despite no longer being a student. I will visit my family. I will hang out with my friends. I will continue to grow in my relationship with my boyfriend. I will celebrate the gifts given to me along the way, and foster my faith in God. But also, I might move. I might have an experience that changes me. I might alter my perspective. Without a doubt, though, I will experience all the expected and unexpected that life has to offer at this time of my life.

I wouldn’t say that the New Year is a new start, but I do have a positive outlook on what I will make of the next 12 months and more.