Leading the Way (Part One)

A few weeks ago I was frantically trying to “figure out” my future. After getting back from Honduras, I became very anxious about moving into this next stage in my career.

I recall one Monday in particular when I spent a good deal of time feeling bad about not having secured a job yet (although I’d graduated less than two months earlier.) I wanted to be a productive member of the workforce and society, and sitting at home writing cover letters did not immediately fulfill that desire. Deep down, I knew that though God’s timeline doesn’t always match up with mine, He did have something in mind for me. However, I couldn’t help but feel frustrated with myself and the process.

Needless to say, God answered my prayers just in time. The following day I was contacted about a potential position. It wasn’t a position I had sought out, not one I had inquired about in the countless cover letters I’d written, but I was instantly intrigued by the idea of working for a non-profit invested in the education of young adults. For those who have read my previous blog posts, you will understand that this seemed almost tailored to my interests.

The week passed in a whirlwind as I met with a recruiter, went through a phone interview, and was called in to meet with a panel. As much time as I had spent whining to God about bumming around the house, that’s how little time He gave me before diving head-first. I was offered the position the very same day.

Now, I am so excited to be in my second week working with Project Lead the Way, a non-profit that provides innovative and interactive STEM curricular programs to middle- and high schools across the nation. God graced me with an answer to my prayers, leading the way to employment with a non-profit whose mission I am passionate about. I can only trust that He’ll continue to walk with me down this path.

Part Two coming soon!


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