Finding God in a New Environment

I’ve been with my new job for two months now. I have gotten comfortable with my position and have settled into the rhythm of my work. I have spent a great deal of time training, but, being fresh out of college, I continue to learn pretty fast (which is good, because as part of our commitment to continuous improvement, there are many exciting changes occurring in the next few months.) I’ve gotten feedback from my supervisors about what I have shown talent for, as well as areas in which I’m striving for further professional development.

While I believe I am finding my place within the organization, there is one thing I continue to search for: where is my faith in my work? How does God play a part in my daily tasks?

Knowing God was in my work was much clearer during my time at Benedict Inn. For one, we shared a common faith. Each morning, we prayed that God’s will would be done. Second, it was easy to be open about how God’s will was being accomplished around us and through the individuals with whom we interacted.

Working for an organization that is not religiously-based changes the dynamics. While I do feel comfortable expressing my commitment to my faith, faith is not a central, or unifying, drive within the office. I don’t get the opportunity to pray with my co-workers each morning, and there are no Bible verses painted on our walls.

However, being part of a secular organization doesn’t mean that God’s will isn’t being done. The individuals with whom I work are passionate about promoting innovative education for future generations. I watch them strive daily to give their best effort to serve our network. My own team members will even pitch in on their days off, if they are needed. These are people who aim to make a positive impact on the lives of children, and our nation as a whole, by promoting educational opportunities.

On a personal level, I have found how I connect with God’s will by praying about the purpose of my work. On a given day, I communicate with anywhere from 50-100 people via email and phone, helping them get the answers they need. It’s wonderful to talk with teachers and administrators who have an enormous passion for their students. However, not all people are cheerful when they contact us. I believe my purpose here is to serve them by being positive, welcoming and compassionate. Each time I can better the day of someone who has called in confused, frustrated or angry, I have learned to thank God for giving me that opportunity.

Just this past week, our CEO called my team, as well as other members of Operations, into his office. We were told that everywhere he goes, he hears great things about the work of School Support. The fact that people praise this work is notable, because, as he says, people are quick to express their dissatisfaction but are not as vocal when things are going well. He let us know that we present a positive face across the country and play an important role in the organization’s mission.

So, although God may not appear in my workplace through daily prayer or crucifixes hanging on the wall, He is there nonetheless. Seeing Him in a secular environment has taken a different effort on my part, but I am up for the challenge. So far, I have learned that He is there to help me serve others the best way I can through the passion and gifts with which He has graced me.